Video Marketing To Promote Your Business In Style To Attract More Customers


Video For More Conversions

  • 1) Video Engages Better Than Text
  • 2) Video Forms An Emotional Connection
  • 3) More Videos Hours Are Watched Than TV
  • 4) Video Builds Your Brand Awareness
  • 5) Video Can Boost Conversion Rates and ROI

Get The Best in Custom Video

Let us create a video for your business.
The Benefits of Video Marketing
  • Videos are the best form of Branding on the web and will show up AND STAND OUT in online searches when your prospects look for your business name or niche.
  • Explainer videos have proven to get your message across creatively and produce results better than a standard text web page could hope to deliver.
  • Finally video will add a Professionally Produced Marketing Asset for your company to use for years to come to get more customers. Videos are available to educate and market 24/7.
  • We will work closely with you to produce a quality video that your will be proud of and impress your prospective clients.

SEO Example

We Offer Editing of Personal Videos

After editing Roberts generic video he states: Much better! Thank you. Sent from my iPhone

We Offer Interactive Videos: Voted Best Interactive Video of the Month - Law Firm Demo

Interactive Meun Driven Videos allow you to make navigation choices to view different videos right in the one video itself. Get Your today!

Editing Personal Videos

This video was edited for size as he was in a low seating position and a was only in 1/3 of the screen, then we added the graphics, text and animations.

Hypnosis Video Commercial

We Offer Voiceovers On All Videos & Sound Effects

We Offer Spokes Person Videos. You provide the Script we do the rest.

Local Business Videos (From Stock Selections)

Explainer Videos


Do you have a video that needs editing or multiple videos that need to be edited to make one video. We are excellent at what we do and affordable. Contact us today.

Local Investor: We Buy Houses (audio)

Dunedin Explainer Vdieo

Live Testimonials

What We Do To Help 1 (888) 368-4476

The Benefits of Building Your Business with Video

It is proven that videos about your business online will improve your rankings with the search engines.

It is also known that when your Google Reviews increase from 6 to 10 reviews, your position in Google Local Maps improves as well. We can utilize our marketing systems with our videos for significant increase in ranking and traffic.

Video has a more dramatic effect on traffic and brand recognition than any other media. That is why you are blasted with commercials on TV. The Super Bowl $2,000,000 cost. But unlike commercials, except for the Super Bowl, people love watching good videos on the internet. We will create for you fun, interesting and engaging videos to grow your business. Call today.


Local Tattoo Parlor

Customer Satisfaction Testimonial Style

30 Second Commercial w/voice

Local Real Estate Investor w/voice

Explainer: Aruba Birtdays

Call Us: 1 (888) DOUGI.SON (368-4476)

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